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Water UK held its sixth annual Innovation Hub at the IBM at its Client Centre on 16 June.

Over 80 delegates filled the room overlooking the Thames, to tackle and address the theme 'Resilience: Environment, Investment and Customers.' Water company CEOs from Anglian Water, South West Water and Yorkshire Water led the three sessions that challenged Regulatory Directors and senior leaders within Environment, Asset Management and Water Resources to drive the resilience debate forward. In an all-day roundtable format, the conference stimulated new thinking and encouraged dynamic discussions.

In the first session attendees were challenged by Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive at Ofwat to "to take ownership, talk to customers and think creatively." There was lots of energy in the room as Peter Simpson, Chief Executive at Anglian Water led the conference into an Ideas Exchange with perspectives from Moody's, MWH and RSPB.

After hearing from representatives within the water sector, Richard Flint, CEO at Yorkshire Water took the baton in leading the second session. Joined by IBM, the Met Office and National Grid each shared their perspectives as to how their respective companies dealt with resilience and the protection of networks. It was a valuable session where external insights provided thought-provoking scenarios for delegates to consider - "How does the water industry do 'more' with 'less'".

Innovation Hub's final session was led by Chris Loughlin who gave South West Water's story on how they approached resilience and looked to in the future. The day ended with attendees considering the next steps despite risks for tackling Resilience.

Overall, the day highlighted that there is no single formula for Resilience however it is up to the water industry to lead in providing a suitable solution to dealing with its challenges.

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